Our Business Model Is Simple...​

We give you $2.00 for every $0.99 you invest in us.

Sound too good to be true?

It’s not - that's the reality of our marketing campaigns, and it’s our single-minded focus to earn you, at a bare minimum, a 200% Return on Investment after our fees....each and every month

We're going to be blunt - Warren Buffett can't get you those kinds of returns.

You’ve probably heard us say it before, but we are obsessed with ROI.

Which means if you’re working with us and you’re not profitable, we will literally not sleep until you are (and we love our sleep...which is why to date every client we’ve worked with has been massively profitable.)

Basically, we turn the internet into a virtual ATM for your business (catchy, we know).

Want to see our “secret sauce” of marketing tactics in action, and the results they got?

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At MacherMedia, We Are Obsessed With ROI

Jordan Schumacher Speaking

Our Fearless Leader, Jordan Schumacher

But not our ROI...your ROI.

It’s what sets us apart from other marketing agencies and “consultants.”

And it’s why we’re able to get such shocking returns for our clients over and over again.

But look, we’re marketers, not politicians - we’d much rather be out driving sales for our clients than talking about ourselves, so we thought we’d let our clients and community members do the talking for us.

Here's What A Few of Our Clients Have Been Saying...

Ryan Kulp, Founder @ Fomo, saying thanks for doubling his SaaS signups

Synergy Pool Service Testimonial

JD from Synergy Pool Service, asking us to stop bringing him so many customers 🙂

MacherMedia Dental Marketing Testimonial

Here's Dr. Timothy Kamp stunned at the end of the very FIRST day his campaigns went live - over $3,000 in new patients!

JD Wilson, Founder @ Synergy Pool Service

Jordan Schumacher Speaking


ROI Focused Growth Marketing & Paid Traffic Agency

We're a small team, ruthlessly efficient, and ridiculously good at getting ROI for our clients (i.e. you). Our business model is simple - we make you more than you pay us. We guarantee it, and we have the analytics to prove it. 

Our team has crafted, designed, and managed the digital advertising campaigns for Fortune 1000 brands and local service businesses alike.

  • We took an eCommerce store from $0 to $40,000 in 2 months purely from Facebook Ads and ice cold traffic.
  • We took a digital business and transformed a broken paid traffic funnel that was hemorrhaging cash into a profit generating machine spending $65k on Facebook Ads each month.
  • We designed the campaign that brings a local dentist 10 new patients every week on autopilot.
  • We were behind a national shoe brand's launch that sold out in 3 hours.

At MacherMedia We Have One Mission - To Triple Your Advertising Investment