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Do You Want more customers?


Of course you do...that was a rhetorical question.

The REAL question is - how do you acquire more customers at a profit?

There are an unlimited number of "growth hacks" and "marketing tactics" to use, so where do you start? Where should you focus your time? How do you even begin?

You've got Facebook Ads, SEO, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube, Snapchat, Billboards, Direct Mail, Adwords...there's thousands of marketing channels.

How can you know which ones to focus on first?

The answer (as we'll explain in a moment) is obsession.

But not just any obsession...

Not even an obsession with marketing...

An obsession with ROI.

At MacherMedia, we are obsessed with ROI.

I always knew I thought about business a little differently (I admit, I once tried to measure the ROI that watching The Office had on my productivity..)

And when we embraced that obsession as a company, the answer to the question of how to focus on the right marketing channels became crystal clear.

It's why we're able to get incredible results for our clients like no one else, because we focus on the handful of channels, tactics, and strategies that actually move the needle in your business, and bring you more customers and sales.

Just take a look at the screenshot below, which shows the sales one of my clients, Skyline Workshop, was making before they came to us for help.


case study before


Skyline Workshop had a thriving Amazon, Etsy, and offline retail business...but their website was selling less than $400 per month.​

Fast forward just 2 months, a redesigned website optimized for conversions, and our expertise in paid traffic marketing, and here is the growth in sales we produced:​


case study after


You read it right, in just two months, we increased sales by over 792%

For the full effect, here is a chart showing Skyline's sales for that entire year...


case study combined


Needless to say, they were happy :).

And then there was the 9,523% Return on Investment we made for Dr. Timothy Kamp of the Merrillville Dental Center.

In two days, after just $63 in ad spend, we attracted 6 new patients at an average patient lifetime value of over $1,000 each.


Merrillville Dental Testimonial

Here's Dr. Timothy Kamp stunned at the end of the very FIRST day my campaigns went live - over $3,000 in new patients!


That campaign continues to bring in over 30 new patients to his practice each month...on autopilot.

​It hasn't always been roses, though. We did have a client fire us once...

For bringing him more customers than his business could handle!​


Pool Service Testimonial

My client, JD from Synergy Pool Service, asking me to stop bringing him so many customers 🙂

The point is, we know our stuff. This is what I do better than anyone else - rapidly scaling businesses by bringing them more customers.

But don't just take it from me, take it from Ryan Kulp, the founder and CEO of Fomo, a website plugin that increases conversions. We doubled Fomo's new customer signup rate in 2 months.​

SO - if you want to work with us and grow your business like the examples above, keep reading...

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Step 2

Here's What Will Happen Next


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If you don't want to move forward, that's fine too. Worst case scenario, we have a great conversation and you walk away with a free, tactical plan you can start taking action on the next day.

Ultimately, this is for business owners and managers who take action and know a great opportunity when they see one.

If that's you, today is the day you step up and take your business to the next level.

Keep Hustling,

Jordan Schumacher

Founder @ MacherMedia​


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